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India’s leading legaltech consultancy that specialises in technology requiring an in-depth knowledge of the business and practice of law.

Our extensive legal experience helps understand the very need of the legal industry and how we can add value through technology.

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P.S. - We are one of the few consultancies in the world that can automate such complex legal documents let alone provide you such an automation experience. We have first hand experience of the pain points of manual drafting and that’s our secret sauce.

Who are we?

From our extensive lawyering experience, we understand that there are inhibitions attached to a wholehearted adoption of technology in the legal industry, despite its distinct advantages. It is from these inhibitions that InstaDraft was founded.

We purposefully decided not to reinvent the wheel by developing any indigenous tech which is more often than not error-prone, inadequate and non-scalable. Instead, we leverage partnerships with the most trusted providers of document & workflow automation solutions. These solutions have been around for decades and are tried and tested having been used extensively by the legal industry across the globe.

Combining our partnerships with our unique expertise, InstaDraft provides clients with turnkey solutions fit for their end-use without any risk of it becoming a white elephant due to implementation failure.

Aditya Mehra


Why us?

Powered by domain expertise, we continually invest in extensive tech training to optimally leverage the immense capabilities of document and workflow automation solutions. We have done this ground work' so that you don’t need to devote time, money and resources to either guide a technologist with no domain expertise or train an in- house team in automation.

Experienced Lawyers
Trained Automators
Vendor Neutral
Global Experience
Transformation Specialist
Cost Effective

5 Easy Steps to Your Digital Transformation

We follow global best practices for digital transformation and take full responsibility to manage your entire transformation from start to finish.

step 1
Solution Selection Process

We conduct end-user surveys & senior stakeholder interviews to understand the exact requirements & issue a comparative solution shortlist

step 2
Request for Proposal

An Request for Proposal is issued to the shortlisted solution providers to get preferential terms & project specific confirmations such as integration requirements, etc

step 3
Proof of Concept

Before the actual procurement, we automate your template on the preferred solution & give access to an end-user focus group to determine benefits

step 4

We leverage our partnerships to get the best terms including. price/upgrade protection & no cost support/maintenance, etc

step 5

We implement in phases powered by our domain expertise and extensive tech training to unlock the true potential of automation supported by our user-adoption & change management strategies

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