Want your own documents but tired of manually generating documents using repetitive, tedious and error prone techniques?

Let Us Automate Your Document


Generate first drafts of documents in a few minutes


Generate drafts that are compliant with your precedents and policies


Drastically reduce costs associated with document generation

The InstaDraft

Prepare Templates

We will create & finalise your standard documents

We will identify variables and connect all sections which can be controlled by answering fewest questions

Prepare Questionnaire

We will draft easy to use & intuitive questionnaires with dropdowns and checkboxes to minimise your work


We will map the questionnaire across your templates and deploy Industry leading automation software

Roll Out

We will make the automated documents accessible on a cloud based portal and conduct user training

Login to Portal

You will log into the cloud based portal from anywhere at anytime

Select Transaction

You will select the transaction for which you need documents

Answer Questions

You will answer a customized questionnaire built by InstaDraft

Generate Documents

The system will generate all inter-related document(s) in one click


Why Us?

Because we blend over 50,000 billable hours of transactional experience in India with one of the most proven document assembly software that is used by more than 1 million users in 11,000 companies across 60 countries.

We provide bespoke document automation services based on grasping your specific needs and providing a tailored but bankable solution.

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